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Loose Wool Batting


  • Image of Loose Wool Batting
  • Image of Loose Wool Batting



One ounce of loose wool batting to use as stuffing for toys, crafts, pincushions, or for needle felting projects.

Wool fiber fill is lovely to work with and has a bit more of a weighty feel than polyester batting.

Wool stuffing is ideal for those who:

● want a natural product from a renewable source
● are trying to use less plastic - all poly battings are plastic...
● live in a damp/humid climate - polyester is acidic and combined with the water in the air, the acidity will rust and pit your pins
● like to stuff firmly - wool can be compacted fairly tightly without as many lumps and bumps as other fills

One ounce is two generous handfuls. If you prefer things softly stuffed, this is enough for a couple pincushions or a stuffed toy on the smaller side.

It is washed and very clean, but there can be tiny bits of straw and other plant material mixed into the wool.

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Image of Sawtooth Star Pincushion
Sawtooth Star Pincushion
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