Determine Base Price Spreadsheet (Standard & Metric)


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Please Note:This spreadsheet was designed for use in OpenOffice. You need OpenOffice to use this spreadsheet. The great news is it is free and has no commercial use restrictions!

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Determine Your Base Price OpenOffice Spreadsheet

Figure out what you REALLY need to be charging to sell something you've sewn! You might be shocked to find out what you should be charging for your materials and time.

Enter 6 main values into this spreadsheet and it will calculate a solid base price for your fabric & time for you. Then you can add in buttons, zippers, etc.

You enter:

• Width of fabric used
• Height of fabric used
• Total fabric width
• Cost per yard/meter
• Your hourly wage
• How long it took to make the item

This spreadsheet is intended for items made from fabric. It includes 4 base materials--exterior fabric, lining fabric, interfacing, interlining. You can change any of these to a different material, as long as it is something measured by the yard or meter.

There are two sheets--one for standard (inches) and one for metric (centimeters). When using the spreadsheet, make sure to select the correct sheet at the bottom for your measurement system (see 3rd photo). Instructions for changing the currency displayed on the spreadsheet can be found here.

This spreadsheet was designed for use with OpenOffice (OO) only. OpenOffice is free and can be used for commercial purposes. Support is provided for OpenOffice only.